How to Experience God's Power: Price Presence Power (1996)
A life-changing message that can reshape the course of your ministry
How to Train Your Timothy: Passing on the Baton in Ministry (2002)
This article was originally written as a contributing article to [Church Leaders in Africa], a periodical publication of the Africa Ministry Resources/OC International. Biblically and practically elaborated, it introduces know-hows and challenges of discipleship and mentoring in the Church today.
He Loved Us with a Cross (2006)
A message of hope and love. This article elaborates on how the Jesus' cross can influence our life with meaning, value and cost of discipleship.
Multiplying Discipleship in Cross-cultural Contexts (2010)
This article was originally published in [Lausanne World Pulse] in 2010. It contains practical methodology of discipleship and its biblical chain from cross-cultural perspective.
About the Halloween Day (Eunice J. Lee, 2017)
This article elaborates on the origin, meaning and critical thinking about Halloween from the Christian perspective. It will challenge you to think more carefully and contextually about this worldwide custom.
Holy Spirit, the Mastermind of the World Mission (2019)
Holy Spirit is the ultimate Mastermind of the world mission. This article, originally published on the American Society of Missiology (ASM)'s [Missional Preacher], will challenge you to live more in line with God's will to reach the world for Christ.
Originally published in the Christian and Missionary Alliance Philippines (CAMACOP) missions journal, the article depicts the biblical rationale behind missional thinking and kingdom life-view to embark our whole life in Christ's missions mandate.
Church Services during Coronavirus Pandemic: To Hold, or Not to Hold (2020)
A pastoral letter providing a helpful guideline to church leaders about sensitive issues of worship services and social distancing during the worldwide pandemic of COVID-19.
A message of hope and challenge with transforming power of the life value in the kingdom perspective.
Every culture possesses a valuable heritage to contribute toward the cause of the Great Commission. This [Lausanne Global Analysis] article explains how to utilize those indigenous cultural traits to increase efficiency in the world mission. Available in English | French | Korean | Portuguese | Spanish.
This article beckons a devotional reflection on the purpose and meaning of an abundant life. Available in English | Korean.

Prix Présence Puissance (2006)
Un message qui change la vie. Plus de 100,000 copies distribuées et lues dans le monde entier.

선교사의 고민들과 성장점 (2013)
선교사가 단계적으로 겪는 갈등과 고민들 그리고 이를 위한 성경적 해결방안들
크리스마스의 진짜 주인공 (송재은 저, 2014)
산타클로스의 역사와 크리스마스의 의미
Halloween Day 에 관하여 (송재은 저, 2015)
할로윈의 기원과 의미 그리고 이에 대한 그리스도인의 성경적 고찰
예수님의 영광과 사랑 (2019)
그리스도의 수난에서 재발견하는 예수님의 영광과 사랑
소그룹 제자훈련을 통한 효과적인 타문화권 선교의 방법론
모든 문화는 예수님의 지상대명령의 완수에 이바지할 고귀한 유산을 보유하고 있습니다. [로잔 글로벌 분석]에 실렸던 본 글은 이러한 토착 문화적 특성을 어떻게 효과적인 선교전략으로 활용할수 있는지에 대해 다루고 있습니다. 영어 | 불어 | 한국어 | 포르투갈어 | 스페인어로 보실수 있습니다.
이 글은 요한복음 10:10에 근거하여 풍성한 삶의 목적과 의미에 대해 다루고 있습니다. 영어 | 한국어로 보실수 있습니다.