Leadership training ministry of Evangelical Alliance for Preacher Training/Commission reaches out to the nations through online and offline teachings. Find encouragement and growth from these FREE resources in English, 한국어, 中國語, Francais, Espanol, Portugues, Kiswahili, Amharic, Chichewa, etc.


EAPTC One Hour Prayer Movement Covenant Commitment (English)
A personal commitment form serving as a reminder for anyone aspiring to pray one hour or more daily for the empowerment of life and ministry. Please feel free to download it for your own personal use.

Gharama Uwepo Nguvu (Na Paul Sungro Lee, 2003, Kiswahili)
Ujumbe wa ubadilishaji maisha. Zaidi ya nakala 100,000 husambazwa na kusomwa ulimwenguu kote.

댓가 임재 능력 (Korean)
이석로 저, 2008

Couple's Ten Commandments Sample (Paul and Eunice Lee, 2009, English)
A suggested sample of mutual agreement list between husband and wife in accordance with biblical principles

Church Life Manual (Paul Sungro Lee, 2010, English)
A biblical guideline of behavioral ethics for healthy and happy church life

교회생활 매뉴얼 (이석로 저, 2010, Korean)
건강하고 즐거운 교회생활을 위한 성경적 지침서

Correct Understanding of 1 Timothy Chapter 2: A Woman Must Be Silent (Paul Sungro Lee, 2011, English)
Expository discussion of controversial verses of 1 Timothy Chapter 2 for EAPTC-affiliated churches