Missionary Candidate Training: Raising Up Third World Missionaries (Paul Sungro Lee, 2008)
This book was initially put together for the Two-Thirds World missionary candidates who often find themselves limited with sound missions training opportunities around, while the lessons in this manual apply to all who are mission-interested. Sending a missionary without training is like commissioning a carpenter without tools! The principles of cross-cultural mission presented in 11 chapters of this book are field-tested nuggets that can certainly equip anyone aspiring for missionary work. Also available in English, French, Portuguese, Spanish from Amazon Kindle and in Amharic on personal request by e-mail to

* Appendices for English edition are available at below for FREE reading:
Missionary Candidate Training Appendix 1: Missionary Application
Missionary Candidate Training Appendix 2: Internship Evaluation Form
Missionary Candidate Training Appendix 3: Missionary support-appealing flyer sample
Missionary Candidate Training Appendix 5: Personal Leadership Assessment

Learning From Joseph: From Pit To Palace (Paul Sungro Lee, 2009 English)
A helpful Bible teaching guide from the story of Joseph. Designed to address practical Bible truths to today's youths who live in the postmodernism and metamodernism era.

ከዮሴፍመማር: ከጉድጓድ እስከ ቤተመንግስት (ፖል ሰንግሮ ሊ, 2009)

ተከታታይ የወጣቶች ትምህርት (Amharic)

This book elaborates on the rationales and know-how of cross-cultural discipleship and narrates plenty of case studies and stories from the fields. It scholarly and practically frames a pathfinder of cross-cultural discipleship and subsequential multiplication of disciples and churches in global contexts. Developing the biblical lens and missional lifestyle both at home and over cultures enables Christians to pursue a life of blessing for the nations. Having provided a theological framework of biblical anthropology, which Christian mission workers may adapt to follow the incarnational footsteps of Christ, the book challenges the readers to experience the shift of their worldviews and to model contextual mindset to willingly go into the Majority World and make disciples of all nations.